Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Web Site...

To all who are looking for some new and updated photos...

I promise I have not stopped taking them, they are just in a new location.  I have a new website now that I am posting all of my pictures.  I still will be maintaining a blog as usual, but from now on it will be through the website.

Please follow this link to Hunterkittrellphotography.com in order to catch up on what's new in Haiti.



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Digicel Concert In Ouanaminthe, Haiti

This was the first of several jobs that the multi billion dollar (I just like saying that) cell phone company has given me.  For what it is worth, they like my work.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Painting A Photo Shoot

In Art, during Friday's homeschooling, Dalencia painted a picture of Daddy taking her pictures.  The reddish figure (center right) is Dalencia making poses for the camera.  The yellow figure at the bottom (with the big eyes) holding the little pink circles is me taking her picture.  Rainbows and other unknown friends (maybe) are in the picture too.  Good job Dalen!

Monday, September 9, 2013

"PE" Is For Physical Education

I am the designated Science and PE teacher at the Kittrell's Home School.  At KHS we keep our children physically fit while challenging their minds to grow and develop.  Jumping jacks are a favorite of these two young students who started kindergarten this year.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Day At Ile Rat (Rat Island)

Check out the photos from our day at Ile Rat (Rat Island).

Leaving Port Labadee on our boat taxi.  The dock to the right is where the cruise ships anchor for visitors to get off and play at the beach.

Jillian and Dalencia on the boat taxi.

The island is about 5 miles from the port.  With the small 15 horsepower outboard motor, it took awhile to get there.  The "captain" of the boat had to follow the directions of the guide standing on the front of the boat to navigate through the coral reefs and sandbars.

Good friend and fellow Haitian missionary, Jeremy Maurer, takes a float in the rainbow raft in the shallows.

The old remains of a dock.

Our crew having a good time in the water.

The clouds played in the sky so beautifully all day.

Our shade tree.

My girl at the beach.

Taking a turn around the island takes about 5 minutes.

This old log must have washed up in the high water.

At some points, the clouds looked like plumes of smoke rising from volcanoes.

My friend Jeremy and his daughter.

Oh goodness...

"Bringing sexy back..." Anyone?  

Another missionary friend, Seth.
Nalandson prepares for a swim.

My little boy Nalandson swimming like a fish.

This boat pulled up and wanted to sell us some huge lobster for less than $5 US each.  Unfortunately I had no way to cook them.  If I had though... you better believe I would have been all over that! 

Their boat as they were pulling away.

The clouds began rolling in and the rain began to fall in the distance.

Rough seas and a dark sky made our trip home a little more daunting.  

The whole reason we came out on this trip was for this little girls birthday.  Happy Birthday Izzy!

Silhouettes of our boats as the rain begins to subside.  We made it back to shore, wet from the rain, but with high spirits.  Today was really a good day! 

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Searching For God In La Victoire.

 Here are some more photos from my trip to La Victoire, Haiti.  To read about my trip, 
visit my wife's blog where I wrote a guest post.  Check it out here.
Eating spaghetti on my first night of the trip.

Treating ourselves to some Coke by lamp light.

Bathing after dinner.

Four of the orphan children that I shared a house with.  The woman behind them is their caregiver and Gerome is to the left.

The sky was so beautiful.

Reading at the river's edge.

It was too hot to not join the locals in the swimming hole.  

I was told that there is a large tree that holds hundreds of these river birds in the evenings. 

The steep path leading from the river to the main road.
Evening shot of the river.
Gerome bathing in the river on our last night in La Victoire.
To view more pictures from previous trips to La Victoire, check out the link here. 

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